The first activity at this religious retreat was to fill out forms. (I think of it as a religious retreat because an old guy in a robe arranged my visit. Also, we're not allowed sex, recreational drugs, alcohol, or many personal possessions.)
One form was about drug use.  I felt it was rude and inappropriate;  but the questioner insisted and persisted,
so I humored him.  He eased into it with a booze question:   "Do you have a problem with alcohol?"

"No, I love the stuff.   No problem."

"Have you ever smoked marijuana?"

To say no or no comment just wasn't believable.  I would be embarrassed to admit it.  So I said, "Yes."
After dozens of blatant liars,  he was pleased with my refreshing honesty.

"In the past year, have you used...?  " He listed a variety of drugs so extensive,  I blushed at the wide selection in one sentence. I wondered what I'd been missing because I'd never heard of some of them. Not wanting to commit to anything I wasn't sure of,  I gave a semi-emphatic,  "No."   After only a slight pause... we moved on.

"Do you have a drug problem?"

"Yes,  I have a problem getting good stuff at reasonable cost."  I don't think this is what the form had in mind.
But he seemed satisfied at the apparent evidence the feds were succeeding in reducing supply.

"Have you ever been addicted to any drug?"

"Yes,  I was addicted to caffeine.  But since coming here,  the lightly colored,  hot water
fictitiously called coffee is rehabilitating me."
He liked that word "rehabilitate",  and we'd made it through the drug questions on a positive note.

            It's hypocrisy that politicians, police, judges and prison officials suck huge amounts of caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and "legal" drugs, then harass citizens for recreational drugs like grass and cocaine. The real tragedy is that many inmates are indoctrinated into thinking they need to get in step with society. Society needs to be more tolerant; remember the lessons of prohibition. The misguided brain washers are judges, prison counselors, clergy,  teachers, media, family, and "friends".

Another part of our prison indoctrination was a strip search,  including the infamous asshole inspection to assure we weren't sneaking in contraband-- like beer or guns.  The only purpose I can see for the ass check is dehumanization of the prisoners... and guards.  Or the personnel have an anal fetish.
Someday justice will be served,  and a snoopy guard will discover exactly what he deserves:  gas.

The introduction booklet said,  "We're here to help you help yourself." 
If the U.S. government intends to help me the way it "helped" the native Americans, energy industry, Vietnamese/Cambodians, prohibition, education, money supply and social security,  count me out.
This government and judicial system have NO CREDIBILITY for helping people:   they can't be trusted or respected. Keep that in mind the next time you hear the call for more prison space.

We don't need more prisons,  we need less laws!  The only true crimes are theft and assault.
The IRS is the greatest thief in the country and the cancer of governmental bureaucracy assaults us daily.
It's no wonder we escape to all kinds of recreational drugs  and are at each others throats and pocketbooks.
That doesn't excuse citizen crimes,  but we can cut prison populations by more than half.
We must abolish the modern prohibition of "morals crimes" and dismantle the criminal bureaucrazies that
rob us of natural, personal responsibility for ourselves and  each other.

I'm here protesting the withholding tax mechanism that steals from our paychecks;
        it's a worthwhile experience and I have no regrets.
I'm proud to be part of a long history of  tax and tyranny  protest.
Resistance is the way prohibition,  co-habitation and marijuana laws have been defeated,  and of course
        the way American freedom was originally won.   The question isn't can I rehabilitate myself,  but --
                can the government rehabilitate itself??

P.S.   The prison newspaper refused to print this letter.


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